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Investor relations and public relations is our nature

Eisenberg-Eliash is one of the leading investor relations and public relations firms in Israel. The firm is managed by two of its founders, Amir Eisenberg and Shai Eliash, and currently represents about 150 leading companies and business organizations in Israel. Investor relations and public relations is a winning combination that offers our clients significant added value. The firm’s domain name is also derived from this combination. The Eisenberg-Eliash team has many years of accumulated experience in investor relations and public relations. This includes in-depth knowledge of the capital market and the investor community, as well as with the national press – print and electronic media – with an emphasis on the economic and financial press. As part of its services, the firm offers its clients ongoing consulting services in its areas of expertise, among them designing a capital market strategy and monitoring its implementation, formulating key messages and conveying them to various target audiences in line with the company’s needs, developing a communication strategy, branding and strengthening brand image, accompanying the public issue of securities and crisis management. Our firm’s values are Strategy, loyalty, professionalism – and it informs and guides our activities on a daily basis.

Investor Relations Your connection with the capital market

As part of their activity in the investor relations field, companies act to increase their visibility in the investor community, among their stock and bond holders, in the aim of maintaining a good and consistent relationship with their existing investors and gaining visibility among potential investors.

Public relations it is our job to make you look good

As part of the firm’s public relations and media consulting services, Eisenberg-Eliash manages all aspects of a client’s media exposure and visibility, as a partner to the various entities carrying out the client’s marketing strategy.

Commercial and Public Another specialty of our office for you

The department, managed by the former journalist Ran Pdut, provides public relations and media consulting services to public entities and private companies, services that require specific acquaintance with the fields in which your company operates and with relevant editors and journalists.

Crisis Management Let us deal with the headache

Our firm has a strategic collaboration with Mr. Gil Shenkar in the crisis management field. Over the past decade Gil developed a unique and comprehensive methodology for handling crises in corporations and companies. Crisis management deals with the media component as well as with other aspects that develop in the course of a business crisis.

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