Another important tool at the disposal of the public company which can deepen the capital market’s familiarity with it is the investors’ tour. Many companies have several sites which assist them to demonstrate their business activities (real estate such as office buildings, shopping centers, major residential projects, industrial plants, branches of retail chains and other operational sites). A wide range of investors may be invited to these investor tours, similarly to investor conferences (click here for details on the subject), while at the same time it is also possible to hold a “one on one” tour with a financial institution or a specific investor.  

The slogan, “there’s nothing better than seeing with your own eyes” is put to practice during the investors’ tour, where the public company is able to present the investors with a deeper dimension of part of its operations in order to enable investors to better understand its operations in the site of the tour, or the company’s operations in general.  

It should be noted that for companies operating abroad, our company also helps promote tours in their sites in other countries. However, during tours of this type restrictions are imposed on the participants from financial institutions, and the company must strictly comply with these restrictions.  

After every investor tour feedback is orderly collected from those who participated in the tour.