The success of a public company in the capital market is measured by maximizing the value of its shares and/or reducing the level of interest that the capital market provides it with in order to provide loans when issuing bonds. To increase the chances of success and to improve the company’s performance in the capital market, the public company must maintain a close and constant relationship with the investment community, first and foremost the institutional investors and major private investment entities in the capital market.  

In order to do this, nowadays the management of public companies hold “one on one” meetings with the different investment entities at the frequency that is required by a public company its size, with its ongoing needs and the volume of the number of shares held by the investing public.  

Our company helps the company to implement a systematic methodology in everything related to the management of meetings with the capital market. This methodology is based on the fact that every company must meet its major shareholders and bondholders every year (sometimes even more often), and thus expand its circle of investors through exposure to new investors by means of such meetings. Our company makes sure that the public companies hold these meetings at the required frequency, and also helps to “open doors” to new investors for its customers who are not thoroughly familiar with them.