Eisenberg-Eliash is a leading Israeli solution provider in the field of investor relations and public relations. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has been run by its founders, Amir Eisenberg and Shai Eliash, and it currently represents over 150 leading corporations, public companies and business organizations in the [Israeli] market.

Since its inception, the company has considered the combination of investor relations activities and public relations activities a winning combination, which provides its customers significant added value, hence the company’s domain name http://www.pr-ir.co.il/. These services were tailored especially for public companies whose securities are traded on various stock exchanges, alongside classic public relations services, which the company also provides to numerous private companies.

The Eisenberg-Eliash team has an accumulated experience of many years in the fields of investor relations and public relations, and has a broad familiarity with capital markets and the investment community, and with the national press – both print and electronic media – in particular the business and economic press, in its diversity, and the company also has unique expertise in the field of financial journalism.

As part of its services, the Company provides its customers with ongoing consultancy in the areas of its expertise, including formulating strategies for the media and for the capital market, and following up on their implementation. The comprehensive service that we offer our customers, includes, inter alia: formulation of key messages and getting them out to various target markets and for the company’s needs, formulation of a comprehensive communications strategy, crisis management, branding and image strengthening, and for clients which are public companies we provide a basket of services in the field of investor relations, including a capital market strategy, we take care of significant business events and publication of financial statements, we accompany IPOs, etc.

The company also has a Commercial-Public Department, headed by Ran Pedot, a former journalist, which provides public relations and media consulting services to public organizations and private companies which require specific familiarity with the fields and with relevant editors and reporters.  The department works in the fields of education and academia, technology and cyber, social services and the third sector, politics and international moves, the automotive industry, industry, health, lifestyle, marketing, communications, etc.

Additionally, our company has a strategic partnership with Mr. Gil Shankar in the field of crisis management. Over the last decade Gil Shankar has developed a unique and comprehensive methodology to manage crises in corporations and companies. Crisis management relates to both the media aspect as well as other aspects of the company which emerge during a business crisis (logistics, operations, human resources, etc.).  In recent years Mr. Shankar has accompanied some of our customers during emerging crises, and has helped some of them to prepare a crisis management kit in accordance with the structured methodology that he has developed.

We see the relative advantages of our company in our day to day interaction and our broad familiarity with the Israeli national press, the economic and financial media and the investment community, in our company’s pro-active nature, which considers itself a part of our clients’ professional teams and identifies with their work processes, and in the professional methodologies that we carefully implement and reintroduce on an ongoing basis, and that it places special importance to the entire work process – from the smallest technical details through to the execution and follow-up of the various tasks for every client, and up to, and including, the meticulous formulation and updating of a detailed operational strategy for each of our customers.

Our office operates a Digital Department, headed by Mika Katz, who has 10 years of experience in the field of digital media, including five years of work in one of the leading advertising firms in London.

The department provides our customers with a comprehensive solution in the digital field, tailored according to a specific work plan that matches the customer’s needs at the marketing and image level. This includes Facebook exposure, intelligent use of social networks such as LinkedIn, and continuous integration of content on the network, in places that serve the customer optimally and meet its relevant target audiences.

Our company’s values are professionalism, reliability and availability – and we are committed to them and ensure that we follow these values on a daily basis!