The department, headed by former journalist, Ran Pdut, provides public relations and media consulting services to public entities and to private companies that require a specific familiarity with the fields and with the relevant reporters and editors in the fields.  
The department works in the fields of education and academia, technology and cyber, social services and the third sector, politics and national moves, the automotive industry, industry, health, lifestyle, marketing, communications, etc.

It’s list of customers includes the National Cyber Week, the Weizmann Institute’s science club, ILAN – the Israeli Foundation for Handicapped Children, ORT Braude College of Engineering, Achva Academic College, corporate pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company Ltd., philanthropic foundations, the Telcar Group, which among others markets “Kia” and “SsangYong” cars in Israel,  the Auto Deal chain which specializes in second hand vehicles, the British premier brand  “Aston Martin”, the Studio C chain, Corona Beer, supermarket chains and many more. Additionally, the department specializes in the representation of senior officials in the public and defense sectors, etc.

Ran Pdut has 8 years of experience as a journalist in various media outlets, including as a reporter for the Yediot Achronot newspaper, an investigative reporter for the Channel 2 TV station, and editor for the Ha’aretz newspaper and Channel 10 TV News.