As part of the company’s public relations and media consultancy activities, Eisenberg-Eliash manages all aspects of media exposure for the client, we act as an agent to execute the marketing strategy formulated by the client. This activity helps the companies to improve the way their image is perceived by target audiences, to deliver their key messages via various media outlets, and to enhance the positive exposure of the companies in the eyes of the customers, suppliers, the relevant guilds and the business community in general.

Public relations activity increases the exposure of the company’s brand, its management and key personnel and its marketing resources in an indirect manner.

Our company tailors a public relations plan individually for each client, which coincides with the client’s marketing strategy, which in many cases is tailor-made in cooperation with our company, and is designed according to business events that require the client to shift his media presence up a notch, while preparing an appropriate way to handle sensitive periods or times of crises.  

When the client is a publicly traded company, we believe that media exposure also assists it with the investment community, who nowadays are exposed more and more to companies through different media, which effectively serves to ‘trigger’ interest in companies who do not have a high media profile.

Our company takes a proactive and initiative approach, and as a large part of our customer service we initiate publicity and projects designed to deliver the messages of the client, both through direct publicity about the client, as well as through indirect publicity which serves the clients’ needs. The level of our company’s activity is a derivative of the customers’ needs, who in certain periods, naturally, would like to lower the volume of media coverage, and makes this change in full cooperation with our company.  

Our company also has a Commercial-Public Department, which provides public relations and media consulting services to private companies that operate in other business fields, which require specific familiarity with the fields and with the relevant editors and reporters. These fields include: the automotive industry, healthcare, technology and cyber, education, life style, social services and the third sector, public associations, politics, communications, etc. 

Our office operates a Digital Department, headed by Mika Katz, who has 10 years of experience in the field of digital media, including five years of work in…., which is one of the leading advertising firms in London.

The department provides our customers with a comprehensive solution in the digital field, tailored according to a specific work plan that matches the customer’s needs at the marketing and image level. This includes Facebook exposure, intelligent use of social networks such as LinkedIn, and continuous integration of content on the network, in places that serve the customer optimally and meet its relevant target audiences.

Our company’s professional and experienced team is in daily contact with editors and reporters in all fields relevant to activities of the company’s clients, both in print and in electronic media. Our media consultancy activities include, inter alia: drafting press releases and getting them out to the relevant reporters; formulating a long term media strategy that includes a gradual build-up of the company’s brand; setting up media interviews with company executives to strengthen their positioning as market leaders and as leading brands in their fields; creative initiation of newspaper articles that serve the purposes of the client; organizing participation of the client in business conferences and events relating to their company’s business activities; image crisis management; provide ongoing consultation to the company’s management regarding its conduct with the media: timing of announcements and news, preparation of media interviews and building marketing presentations for target markets.